President’s Letter



To The Members of Our Bowling Community:

The Cleveland USBC WBA is one of the best associations in Ohio.  We work extremely hard to make you proud of your association.  We always stand ready to provide you, our bowlers, with information from National, State and District events.

To the Cleveland USBC board, thank you so much for your support in our sport and association.

Communication is the word: It is imperative that we keep our membership informed of everything that is going on in the association. We are here to make sure that you are aware of all activities that are going on in your association.  How do we communicate with our member’s? It is just this easy, we use US Mail, e-mail Blasts, – our website, Facebook, and even word of mouth. We are here for you always.

The CWBA and the GCBA are chartered associations of the United States Bowling Congress. WE are committed to  providing programs and services that will heighten your bowling experience.  Bowling is a sport of challenge. This year we began providing you with bowling clinics. It does not matter what your average, we are here to help you in any and every way we can.   These clinics will once again be held in the fall on the east and west sides of our association.  Watch this website for more information on  when and where your clinics will be held. We ask you to use this opportunity to get others into bowling. With all of your help we can keep bowling alive for years to come.

Remember, we are here for you and the USBC is YOUR organization.  If there are some things that you are pleased with, let us know, and if there are things you are not pleased with, let us know that as well.  You may contact your Local Association at 216-898-9117, or email us at, or love us on Facebook, or come into our office at 14950 Snow Road. You can contact National Headquarters at 1-800-514-BOWL or at It is crucial that we hear from you, because the Local Association, the State Association and the National Association are in existence to serve YOU.  YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS IMPORTANT TO US, IT GIVES YOU A VOICE AND A VOTE.

The promise to you from the Cleveland USBC WBA is that we will continue to work hard to provide the best service available for our members.  In turn, we ask YOU to make a commitment to involve yourself in the activities and events of the associations.

It’s an honor to serve you!


Eileen Jackson-Carpenter